6 Ways To Avoid Being Hustled by a Truffle – Ep. 86 – Drink Bravely w Mark Oldman

One of the world’s most expensive and coveted delicacies, truffles were called “the diamond of the kitchen” by French writer Brillat-Savarin and are prized for their pungent character. But how do you know if you’re getting a good one? Mark travels to the 84th International White Truffle Festival in Alba, Italy, to get the answers. Join him as he interviews official truffle judges and discovers how to tell if a truffle is worth its price.

“Known as the white Alba truffle, Tuber magnatum pico is famous for its distinct aroma and intense, earthy flavor. … The aroma, which is the source of their unique flavor, is lost when the truffles are cooked or over heated.” (Source)

Featured nibble:
truffles from Alba, Italy

“Poosh It!”
Italy white truffle

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