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“One of the wine world’s great showmen”

“An oenophile wizard”

“Mark is renowned in world wine circles as a deft and unconventional presenter…At 10am on Friday morning, over a hundred attendees queued up, patiently waiting for a coveted seat to hear Oldman riff.”

“The perfect primer—concise, evenhanded, fun, and practical”

“The hot ticket on the food festival line-up”

“In chapters with titles like “Embrace the Buzz” and “Dare to Say Nothing,” he helps average Joes approach wine with the style and confidence of the One Percent — those “billionaire drinkers,” as he calls them — who can afford to pop open any bottle they want.”

“One of my favorite wine books of the year is by the humorous and engaging Mark Oldman…I recommend it for anyone looking to shake up their wine-buying”

“In a style as breezy and witty as it is informative, Oldman’s Guide is the essential guide for those who enjoy a tipple…I love it and will refer back to it endlessly…”

Oldman’s Guide promises, as so many wine books do, to simplify the complex world of vino. Oldman does it well, and with a sense of fun and celebrity.”

“An amazing performance: animated, informative, hilarious and crowd-pleasing.”

“Mark is hilariously entertaining…and all about helping real people who happen to love wine learn to appreciate fine wines – but without attitude.”

”Already my dog-eared restaurant companion, this book [is changing my view of wine] the way the ‘Great Beer Guide’ changed my appreciation of the noble grain”

“Wine savvy in 108 Steps…shortcuts to a connoisseur’s confidence”

“Equally comfortable with references to the philosopher Seneca and to James Bond movies, Oldman lets readers know how to drink wine with confidence and style, in a very funny and digestible manner.”

“Charismatic and cool…full of snappy insights”

“If you’re a budding wine enthusiast with a distaste for encyclopedic volumes, this is the book for you.”

“Too fun to put down…Oldman is one of the leading authors on wine and a coveted speaker”

How to Drink Like a Billionaire is not just the best guide for drinking wine stylishly, but Mark Oldman offers his readers a comprehensive yet fun approach to one of our favorite topics. It’s colorful, charismatic and innovative from beginning to end!”

– Marcus Samuelsson
Chef, restaurateur, and author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller, Yes, Chef.

“Mark’s appearances are a five-star experience”

“Filled with more than 100 short “chapters” — many a single page, helping you navigate wine lists, find retail bargains, up your vocab, deal with “glasshole” sommeliers and buy wine tools cheap — plus lots more of Oldman’s irreverent, humorous myth busting. It’s designed to make you a better-educated consumer, so you can do what billionaires love to do — live large and save money in the process.”

“[Oldman’s Guide] will make you fluent in wine without sounding like a blowhard…Mark Oldman’s playful but practical wine guide is sure to keep the conversation lively and the eye-rolling to a minimum.”

“Vaults to the head of the line for wine books for beginners. One of the finest introductory wine books now available. Highly Recommended…A wonderful surprise.”

The Internet's oldest wine newsletter

“A welcome discussion of many little-known wines that have a great deal of pleasure to offer”

“An engaging guide to just about anything you could want to know about wine….It’s no wonder that Mark Oldman has become one of the most well-known experts on wine in the country.”

“A great purchase for wine lovers looking to expand their repertoire…Oldman’s writing is lively and peppered with highlighted tips, trivia and producer recommendations from the author and dozens of other wine biz luminaries.”

Annual round-up of "year's finest wine books"

“A great gift for beginners and especially for anyone in a Malbec or Chardonnay rut, thanks to Oldman’s clear writing, understanding of context, and great palate.”

“Wine Books Worth Their Weight”

“Amazing, hilarious, fascinating…a must for anyone who likes wine”

“Do not miss Mark Oldman’s sessions. I have become a little jaded over the years as to the quality of consumer seminars. Oldman restored my faith in the first 10 minutes of his. The wine selection was spot on, the presentation dynamic and engaging—a five-star experience.”

“If only we’d had just one book: Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine…[Mark] is under no one’s spell. He writes like a person who has not been indoctrinated in the cult of wine. And, in addition to having great taste, he has figured out a way to teach you about wine that is simple, logical and painless. Finally, he has a nose for a bargain — learn his simple lessons and you will never be fleeced by a waiter or wine merchant again.”

Jesse Kornbluth

“A key [book] and lively survey, packed with charts, focus on unusual wines, and keys to lost pedigrees and bargain wines around the world.”

“Rarely does a book teach you how to drink with immense style…How to Drink Like a Billionaire delivers exactly what the title promises—attitude, style, and a fun pretension free how-to guide beyond any you may have previously encountered.”

– Marcy Gordon
The Wine Road

“The perfect book to get you started with your first sip and bring you well beyond…Oldman has written just the right volume to help readers understand [wine]”

“A fresh, funny guide…glib and unpretentious, Oldman decodes wine-tasting lingo and shows how to spot a bargain bottle”

“Wit is at the heart of this book, but so is wisdom. With his trademark accessible, personal style, Oldman unfurls all manner of advice, with the ultimate goal of helping us 99 percenters imbibe like the hoity-toity do.  Packed with informative infographics and incisive insights, Oldman’s book is great not only for diving in deeply by a fire but also perusing a few pages a time.”

“For those looking to expand their vinous palates, Mark leads the way”

“Filled with savvy wine tips…surprising — and smart — such as asking what the restaurant chef or sommelier likes to drink after hours.”

“Carefully curated…witty and accessible, for enthusiasts of all levels”

"Books that Cook"

“The perfect book for someone who’s just caught the bug, or would like to…breezy, literate prose…Oldman knows his stuff”

“Brilliantly demystifies wine like no book has before, teaching us all to drink passionately, drink smart, and drink with utter confidence. With his usual ease and wit, he has written a guide to wine (and life) for our generation. And we will all drink better for it!”

– Gail Simmons
Food critic, TV host and author of Talking With My Mouth Full

“A guide to wine and Champagne to find the most delicious bottles for the best price.”

“Advice on drinking wine with confidence and covers topics such as undiscovered wine regions and surprising wine and food combinations.”

“Mark is the ever-entertaining wine guru”

“The best wine book of the year, giving people the tools to disarm the pretention of wine.  Mark Oldman is the best in the business and the rare expert that can move between billionaires and casual drinkers, and take us all along for the ride.”

Dane Neal

“He’s so vine…an oenophile wizard…whose book is lively and non-snobby”

“A must-peruse for wine lovers of any level…entertaining enough to easily qualify as bedtime reading material”

“This high-class guide is an adventure into the world of wine”

"Books You Should Read Now"

“The cheekiest, most fact-packed cheat sheet in all of winedom…From Champagne to Chardonnay, Mark Oldman helps you professionalize your taste in wine.”

“Engaging, humorous…readers will enjoy discovering new wine options”

“Lets you in on the drinking habits of the super wealthy and, more importantly, how to channel them on a budget.”

in its annual “Cocktail Party Gift Guide”

“We love [Oldman’s Guide]; Mark demystifies the world of wine”

Editors' Choice Selection

“The ultimate guide to drinking like a billionaire on a normal budget.”

“Any level of wine drinker will come away with useful new information”

“Robust, hearty and full bodied…overflows with succinct, useful advice”

“A highly approachable, contemporary, and practical guide that gets right to the point. In brief, two- to three-page chapters (“Short Cuts”), he tells readers how to order at restaurants, how to (and how not to) taste, how to recognize the characteristics of different grapes, and much more. The end result is an inviting and informative book sure to please both novice and experienced wine connoisseurs. Its balanced and practical approach aims to put good information into the hands of busy people. A wise purchase for all public libraries where there is an interest in wine”

“Because of Mark’s seminars, the Aspen Classic is vibrant and lively, once again nearly full of the joie de vivre that has long marked [the Classic].”