“Brilliantly demystifies wine like no book has before”

– Gail Simmons, food critic and TV host

120 Chapters of Wine Secrets and Strategies They Don’t Tell You

“Not just the best guide for drinking wine stylishly, but a comprehensive yet fun approach. Colorful, charismatic, and innovative from beginning to end!”

– Marcus Samuelsson, celebrity chef and restaurateur

  • The move that commands instant respect

  • Hidden truths about wine pricing

  • Outsmarting wine country

Learn Insider Strategies

  • Affordable substitutes for iconic wines

  • Where the best values are

  • The only wine glass you need

Don't Overpay

  • How to find the list’s best bottle

  • Managing the ‘glasshole somm’

  • How to identify evil merchants

Avoid Minefields

  • “Oldman’s 10 Best” Rankings

  • 1st ever rankings of most likable wine types

  • Includes key pronunciations

Like This? Try That

  • Includes key pronunciations

  • The question that wins the day

  • Why to avoid the ‘good value’

Conquer Restaurants

  • Cultivationg the ‘wine spouse’

  • How to play the host gift

  • Great wines never to give as a gift

Master Shopping

  • Unexpectedly sublime matches

  • Which pairings to laugh at

  • The ultimate wine for cheese

Pair Food Like a Pro

  • Why you need a Spanish wine bong

  • Using a breathalyzer for fun

  • How to saber Champagne

Learn How Insiders Loosen Up

  • Know your “garagiste” from “grape crusader”

  • Why provenance confers authority

  • Devastatingly cool French wine slang

Learn Lingo to Stump Even the Pros

Dozens of Other Empowering, Irreverent Strategies

“The ultimate guide to drinking like a billionaire on a normal budget.”

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