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Corporate wine tastings of the highest order are a Mark Oldman specialty. One of the most popular speakers in gastronomy, Mark brings the ruckus to audiences at major festivals, corporations, and institutions around the world. From 15 straight years at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic to an endless array of Fortune 1000 companies to institutions that range from the 92Y to the Bohemian Club, Mark never fails to engage audiences with a style that is refreshingly informative, irreverent, and infectious.

Sample corporate wine tastings and keynote speeches and programs:

  • How to Drink Like a Billionaire
  • Superstar Values: Best Wines Under $20
  • How to Break the Rules of Wine

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Mark also conducts corporate wine tastings on a virtual basis. Mention your interest in that option and we will discuss.

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    corporate wine tastings - Mark Oldman