10 Steps to Build a Monument to Art and Wine in Your Place – Ep. 80B – Drink Bravely with Mark Oldman

Building a Monument to Art and Wine in Your Place – 10 Steps:

Get an inside look at how Mark built his one-of-a-kind, Wall Street Journal-featured Wine Wall, a custom, glowing 10’x10′ installation holding 150+ wine bottles in front of light box of a 1911 painting of Gustav Klimt.  Dreamed up by Mark as a way to fuse art and wine, it features geometric metalwork custom built in North Carolina and a large, ebonized frame with secret compartments that store wine glasses.

building a wine wall

4 Wines That Define Stanford Football – Rose Bowl 2013 – Ep. 72 – Drink Bravely with Mark Oldman

4 Wines That Define Stanford Football: At the 2013 Rose Bowl, a.k.a. “The Granddaddy of Bowl Games,” Mark identifies four statement-making wines that define the success of Stanford Football.

Featured wines:
Mt. Brave Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder 2008 (California, $65)
Leviathan 2009 (California, $48)
Etude Pinot Noir Carneros 2009 (California, $45)
Pride Cabernet Franc Sonoma County 2010 (California, $66)
All wines purchased and available at the venerable Wally’s Wine (2107 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles).
 stanford football
“Poosh It!”

A Google Glass View of 140 Wine Lovers

At his “Hunt for the Next Malbec” event at last week’s Austin Food & Wine Festival, Mark Oldman leads the enthusiastic audience of wine lovers in an energizing chant.  See it through Google Glass in this video. Over 140 Served!

wine lovers

Here were Mark’s picks for the next wine category that will or should break out like Malbec has:
  1. Grenache:
    Austin Hope Grenache 2011
  2. Carmenere:
    Santa Ema Carmenere 2012
  3. Primitivo:
    Tormaresca Primitivo Salento Torcicoda 2011
  4. Nero d’Avola from Italy:
    Planeta Sicilia La Segreta Red 2012
  5. Monastrell from Spain
  6. Castano Monastrell 2012
  7. Red from Walla Walla Washington:
    Leonetti Merlot Walla Walla 2011