Kate Moss Glass | Oldman’s Wine for Your Bunker #17 | Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore 2007

The Kate Moss glass is a rare and special vessel, and Mark uses it to celebrate progress on flattening the curve. What does one sip from a supermodel’s left breast? Italy’s best sparkling wine:  Ferrari Trento “Giulio Ferrari” Riserva del Fondatore 2007 (Trento DOC, Italy, $120).

Kate Moss Coupe  


Tiger King Drinking Game | Oldman’s Wine for Your Bunker #16 | Llenca Plana Montsant

Do you know what wine pairs with Tiger King on Netflix? Like it or not, the documentary Tiger King 🐯 is now as much a part of the quarantine experience as Dr. Birx’s scarves. So allow me to propose a Tiger King drinking game🍷. Featuring the rich, raspberry-leather-licorice Llenca Plana Montsant 2017 (Spain, $16). 

Tiger King Drinking Game

Learn Australian 🇦🇺 | Oldman’s Wine for Your Bunker #14 | Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay

It is time to learn Australian. Do you know what “my shout” means? Are you full up to “pussy’s bow”? Use your time in quarantine to learn a new skill. Let me teach you some Australian 🇦🇺, featuring the zesty but creamy, lime-and-nutmeg, gorgeously balanced Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay 2016.


Learn Australian

Muffuletta Spread | Oldman’s Wine for Your Bunker #12 | Luca Bosio Langhe Arneis

Your bunker needs muffuletta spread. In tribute to hard-hit New Orleans and Louisiana, I recommend this tangy relish for your bunker; it will be like Viagra for your taste buds 🚀 (order on Amazon). And we pair it with an ideal wine: light, floral, zesty Luca Bosio Langhe Arneis 2019 from Piedmont, Italy.✨🇮🇹


Mufuletta spread Arneis paired with Mufuletta spread