The Interplay Between Art & Wine (Walton Ford Opening) – Ep. 81 – Drink Bravely w Mark Oldman

Join Mark as he discusses the synergistic interplay between art and wine and examples of how each celebrates the other.  Braving the Chelsea gallery district’s “high HQ,” he takes you inside a recent opening for the artist Walton Ford, where one of the artist’s brilliant new watercolors features a wine-related scene.

Walton Ford

Featured Wine:
Bedell Musée North Fork of Long Island 2005 (New York, $80)
Casanova Della Spinetta Vermentino Toscana 2011 (Italy, $22)

Featured Art:
Chuck Close,  daguerreotype of grapes for Bedell Cellars Musée
Albrecht Dürer, Rhinoceros (woodcut), 1515
Walton  Ford,  Javan Rhinoceros – Rhinoceros sondaicus (watercolor), 1998
Walton  Ford, “Bosse-de-Nage 1898 – HA HA!” (watercolor), 2014
Walton Ford, Rhyndacus (watercolor), 2014
Walton Ford, The Tigress (watercolor), 2014

“Poosh It”

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