Corkscrews Just Became Cool

Corkscrews Just Became Cool: Last month I happened upon this phenomenal corkscrew after a doing a random search of, the online storefront for handmade and vintage goods.  Hand forged from an actual railroad spike, it is the perfect low-tech combination of style and rawness.  I was so taken with it that I immediately placed an order for four of them: three as holiday gifts and one for myself, engraved, appropriately enough, with “Drink Bravely”.

cool corkscrews

It is is made by “Hightower,” a doo-ragged, Michigan-based gentleman who clearly knows his way around an anvil.  The corkscrew is $45 before shipping, a reasonable price to pay for a vinous instrument of such singularity and impressiveness.  Built into it is also a lever that serves as a bottle opener.  Hightower will engrave initials or a phrase onto it at no extra charge. Have corkscrews ever been this cool? Don’t think so! Check out the Etsy shop for more cool corkscrews.

It’s to imagine a cooler wedding, birthday, or Father’s Day gift for the wine inclined.  Check it out here.