Vinho Verde (on Martha Stewart Radio) – Drink Bravely with Mark Oldman – Episode 40

Looking for a delicious $8 wine perfect for warmer weather? Mark clues you in to Vinho Verde from Portugal, a light, fizzy pour that will convert even the staunchest beer-drinkers to wine. On Martha Stewart Radio, Mark discusses why Vinho Verde also makes for an excellent gift — and is anything but a “Chateau Bunion”!

martha stewart wine

Featured Vinho Verde:

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde (Portugal, $8)

Other Vivacious VV’s (all from Portugal):
Aveleda Vinho Verde Fonte ($7)
Aveleda Vinho Verde Grinalda 2009 ($14)
Broadbent Vinho Verde 2009 ($8)
Casa de Vila Verde Vinho Verde 2009 ($8)
Vidigal Vinho Verde 2009 ($8)

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