How to Kill Coronavirus (and Smell like a Fine Wine)

A dental emergency brought me out on the streets of New York, where I figured out how to kill Coronavirus while also smelling like a fine wine. With the right attitude and some Clorox wipes, it is not difficult to kill Coronavirus.

The Guardian newspaper happened to intercept me, and here is what they wrote in their story the next day:

Further south, near City Hall, a man ambled down the sidewalk, toting a cylindrical container of sanitizing wipes. One white disinfectant sheet was sticking out.

“As much as I like my dentist, I don’t trust the seat was being fully cleaned,” said the man, Mark Oldman, who had a dental appointment. “You have to bring your own.”
“The hottest accessory on the streets of New York is no longer an iPhone,” he joked.

Did the city seem different to him, with all the closings?

“It feels like Thanksgiving,” he said of the US holiday, during which many New York City residents leave town. “Not completely dead, it just has this kind of ghost-town, tumbleweed quality.”

Kill Coronavirus and Smell like Wine
The virus is no match for a New York attitude and some Clorox wipes.