Prosecco by the Magnum? Glory, Glory John Dory: A Finely Humanitarian Offering

Knowing that most people are in celebration mode when they seek bubbles or bigness (i.e., magnums of Prosecco), restaurants tend to mark up these wine types to the moon.

So late Saturday night at the John Dory Oyster Bar, the sceney seafooder from the Spotted Pig’s April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, I was not only enthused to see a good Prosecco (Sommariva) but that it was offered by the magnum, for the comparatively gentle price of $75 for 1.5 liters (~$6.50/glass).


In this era of white-napkin trickery in the form of undisclosed service charges, sparkling-or-still guilt trips, and $60 “chicken for two,” it was heartening to see a hot spot be fair and creative on its wine list (not to mention the glory of its unimpeachably fresh bivalvery and insomaniac hours).  The John Dory’s Prosecco proffering is a glimmer of fine humanitarianism in a city where wine lists – and most everything else – is animated by wallet-warping avarice.

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