“A full glass of rich, new wine discoveries that will help to expand your wine horizons and build your confidence when exploring your favorite wine store…offers wine lovers of all experience levels a real good buzz on unfamiliar gems…Mark sheds light on the wines that have had both industry insiders and wine lovers “in the know” grinning from ear to ear for some time now.  Much in the same fashion that Oldman used in his last book, thisis a guide with lots of easy to swallow advice.  It’s much like a friend sharing with you how these ‘new’ wines taste, how much you can expect to spend, their availability, and what kinds of foods to pair with them.  In addition, Oldman shares little nuggets of information about the wines (via “cheat sheets”) without boring you to tears with a bunch of information only needed by hardcore grape-nuts for the WSET exam…If you have a wine enthusiast in your life, this is a great book to give this holiday season!”