Wes Marshall, Austin Chronicle

“Highly recommended for its combination of accurate information, unstuffy knowledge, and delightful prose…The tone of Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine is exactly like talking to him. He’s a wisecracking New Yorker, full of knowledge and primed to answer almost any question about wine. He’s had major TV time as one of the judges on The Winemakers (its first season was won by Austin dude Ross Outon). In this book, he sets off to educate his readers about bargain wines that are lesser known. Wines like Txakoli, Aglianico, and Cahors all light his rockets, and all because of supply and demand. The fewer people out shopping for them, the better the price will be. Where Oldman is really helpful is in finding obscure wines that are little-known but of wonderful quality. Maybe people have a hard time pronouncing them, or they’re an unknown name. In any case, Oldman is skilled at ferreting out the bargains and makes spot-on recommendations.”