Jesse Kornbluth, celebrated writer and founder,

“If only we’d had just one book: Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine…[Mark] is under no one’s spell. He writes like a person who has not been indoctrinated in the cult of wine. And, in addition to having great taste, he has figured out a way to teach you about wine that is simple, logical and painless. Finally, he has a nose for a bargain — learn his simple lessons and you will never be fleeced by a waiter or wine merchant again…Oldman rockets you through a discussion of grapes (bless him for hammering away at winemakers who transformed creamy Chardonnay into wines that are like “big, blowsy butterballs” and for singing the praises of under-appreciated Riesling). White Zinfandel? “At best, easy drinking and refreshing, and, at worst, liquefied bubble gum.” …But his real achievement is liberating Americans from a narrow, expensive chauvinism…I am no longer a pup; in my cellar are wines older than some of you. No matter. I learned a ton from Mark Oldman — and one of the things I learned is that we agree on any number of wines. That is because, along the way, I paid attention to my likes and dislikes; I trusted my taste. You should trust your taste as well. But how nice for you — you will have, as I did not, a smart, opinionated friend at your side, cheering you on and helping you educate yourself at the same time…I raise my glass to Mark Oldman”