Madeira (Supernatural Wine for Halloween) – Drink Bravely with Mark Oldman – Episode 54

Filming at a stately but spooky library somewhere in Massachusetts, Mark explains why Madeira is the ultimate wine for a supernatural occasion like a seance or Halloween. Its unique toffee-and-citrus taste is positively haunting.

 madeira wine

Featured wine:
D’Oliveira Sercial Madeira 1969 (Portugal, $125)

Other marvelous Madeira:
Barbeito Bual Madeira 1863 ($545)
Barbeito Sercial Madeira 1978 ($125)
D’Oliveira Terrantez Madeira 1988 ($90)
Rare Wine Company Historic Series Boston Bual Madeira ($45)

Note: good vintage Madeira is in short supply, so remember to ask your favorite wine merchant. Also visit Madeira specialist Rare Wine Company here:

“Poosh It!”

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