Grower Champagne (and the Marie Antoinette Glass) – Drink Bravely with Mark Oldman – Episode 32

Grower Champagne (and the Marie Antoinette Glass):

From Zott’s beer garden in California’s beautiful Portola Valley, Mark Oldman clues you in to the iconoclastic and oft-overlooked delights of “grower champagne.”  These are “indie Champagnes” known for their high quality and interesting flavors.
Champagne and other sparklers pair perfectly with a wide array of food, not the least of which are french fries.  Mark also recommends drinking bubbly from the rare, breast-inspired coupe, a glass once prized for its glamour but now hard to findgrower champagne
Featured Grower Champagne:
Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve Brut Blanc de Blancs NV ($60)
Other Key Grower Champagnes:
Guy Larmandier
Jacques Selosse
Paul Bara
Paul Gimmonet
Rene Geoffrey
Featured Glass:
Schott Zwiesel “Saucer Champagne” glass
(Schott Zwiesel is pronounced: Shot ZWEE zel)
look for it at Pottery Barn, Sur La Table, or online

“Poosh It!”

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