Survey Respondents on Sauvignon Blanc

“Sauvignon Blanc [can be thought of] like a drug: the pure smell, the fruity taste, and the freshness could make you addicted – for a short time, at least.”
Wilhelm Weil, winemaker/owner, Weingut Robert Weil

“I like Chardonnay very much, but a well-made Fumé Blanc will invite you to sip again and again…I never tire of these wines. I also prefer those that are blended with a little Sémillon.”
Robert Mondavi

“I love the refreshing, crisp minerality of Sancerre. The acidity makes it a lively choice and the minerality lets me know that it is from a place. I must have loved to put stones in my mouth as a kid. “
Karen King, wine director, Gramercy Tavern

On New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc specifically:

“Intense Passion fruit and good old cat’s pee!”
Ray Walsh, chief winemaker, King Estate

“The best are ripe and packed full of tropical fruit and zesty acid.”
Kevin Judd, winemaker, Cloudy Bay

“Grassy, crisp with a citrus tang – exactly what Sauvignon Blanc should be.”
Lane Giguiere, co-founder and manager of R.H. Phillips

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