Survey Respondents on Rosé

“Years ago, ignorant snobs looked down their noses at rosés, but they are showing up on wine lists again for their summery freshness and suitability with modern cooking… The best of these are crisp, dry or close to dry, and fruity.”
Jack Stuart, winemaker, Silverado

“This my gulping summer wine. I love the spice and fresh fruit flavors of a good Spanish or Mediterranean Rose. I mostly drink it in the summer on all occasions – on its own, with grilled foods, with cheese, sausages, etc.”
Daniel Johnnes, importer and author

“[I like rosé] before dinner as an aperitif or as picnic wines. [Good American rosé] is tough to find since the White Zinfandel phenomenon, but a few producers are starting to make again as a by product of red wine production.”
Wade Wolfe, general manager, Hogue Cellars

“Freshens the palate and the spirit. [I drink it as an] aperitif.” Kermit Lynch, importer and merchant

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