Survey Respondents on Northern Rhone

“Truffles made into wine”
Etienne Hugel, co-owner, Hugel et Fils

“I really don’t think you could pay for anything more wild and exotic and sensually pleasing…Animale, garrigue, bacon fat, violets, red meats, white pepper, cassis, violets. Big, chewy, thought-provoking wines to be drunk over intense conversation and intense cuisine.”
Jamey Whetstone, assistant winemaker, Turley Wine Cellars

“Drink with roast or grilled meat (duck, lamb, game of any sort), and with grilled vegetables (eggplant, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes). Handles very rich cheese well.”
Mike Havens, owner/winemaker, Havens Wine Cellars

“I find the aroma singular and thrilling: white pepper, smoke, dried herbs (sage, oregano), smoked meat, bacon, red raspberry. An intriguing and irresistible combination! Each taster will find this fragrance either seductive or off-putting…”
Madeline Triffon, Master Sommelier

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