Survey Respondents on Champagne

“Champagne is a kind wine, and it always create happiness.”
Mireille Guiliano, President of Clicquot Inc.

“Always Champagne, to start a diner for me and my wife. We cannot avoid a glass of real Champagne.”
Christian Moreau, winemaker, Christian Moreau Père & Fils

“I will be honest, I just cannot live without it! The nuances of taste are as marked as in any other wine and that fascinates me. It is also the wine that gives one the greatest psychological lift, which is important after a hard day at the office!”
Serena Sutcliffe, head of Sotheby’s wine department

“It won’t surprise you if I say that I drink Champagne everyday and that it is the Taittinger Brut Réserve. This wine is my “road buddy”…I drink it as an apéritif but also during the meal or with dessert.”
Claude Taittinger, family proprietor, Champagne Taittinger

“Blanc de Blanc Champagne is an elegant, feminine and often “steely” style of bubbly [that] has a siren-like appeal. It doesn’t command attention, but bears it well. The flavor components of green apple and citrus make the palate water. [It has] a fine edge with which to cut across food.”
Madeline Triffon, Master Sommelier

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