Survey Respondents on Barolo and Barbaresco

“Barolo is incredibly hearty, stands up to any major meal, great, cozy warmth in winter…reminds me of living in Chicago, when my wife and I went from freezing streets into our favorite Italian “joint” where we immediately warmed ourselves physically and mentally with a Barolo.”
Eric Ober, former president, TV Food Network

“Old Barolo is my absolute favorite wine. The transformation Barolo goes through is magical to me. It is a wine steeped in tradition and definitely screams out the place that it is from. The mix of tar, roses, dried black cherry fruits and licorice is wonderful but it is the forest floor notes that put Barolo over the top for me.“
Karen King, wine director, Gramercy Tavern

“In Piedmont, I think of white truffle season with earthy Barolos and Barbarescos.”
Charlie Trotter, celebrity chef

”If Barolo is the king of wines and the wine of Kings, I’ll take the queen, Barbaresco, which is also made from the Nebiolo grape in the precipitous hills of the Piedmont region near Turin. Barbaresco is more feminine, somewhat earlier maturing than its brawnier neighbor and more versatile…”
Jay McInerney, novelist and wine writer

“[Wines from the] Nebbiolo [grape are] a fascinating combo of the finesse of Burgundy and weight of Right Bank Bordeaux.”
Geddy Lee, rock musician and collector

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