Survey Respondents on White Burgundy

“Its richness is tempered by minerality and acidity not found in California Chardonnays or elsewhere. There is tremendous range from the intense noble wines of the Côte de Beaune to the more modest and great value wines of the Maconnais.”
Daniel Johnnes, importer and wine director

“At a memorial lunch for [the famed chef] Alain Chapel, [one of the wines was] a Bâtard Montrachet 1978 from Ramonet… the wine kept on growing in my glass sip after sip: a stunning “journey” like a succession of magically inspiring encounters, until something like 5 pm…I had to catch my T.G.V. [train] back to Paris….I had only sipped half of my glass so I asked for permission to take the glass with me. I kept on sipping the wine in the train (you can imagine other passengers’ curiosity)…It was still growing and giving until the very last drop which I took when we entered Paris station at 8pm!…The following day, I was still able to get extraordinary, mature, buttery, honey aromas from the empty glass which I kept on my desk for nosing with delight between faxes and meetings!”
Remi Krug, owner, Champagne Krug

On Côte de Beaune whites specifically:

“I love the majestic quality of these wines. Rich and restrained at the same time. You can taste the soil wrapped in their fruit. Perhaps not the most versatile wines with today’s cuisine; they demand elegant, rich foods without too much seasoning or spices…”
Michael Bonaccorsi, the late vintner and Master Sommelier

“The wine that taught me everything was one of Jean-Noël Gagnard’s Bâtard-Montrachets in the Sixties. He and his daughter Caroline are still making luscious wines.”
Serena Sutcliffe, head of Sotheby’s wine department

“There is nothing like a great Puligny [Montrachet], especially from its four grands crus. My particular favorite is Chevalier-Montrachet because it combines a racy elegance, intense stoniness and superb cut, focus and definition into a complete whole.”
Allen Meadows, owner of

“A fine Meursault, while rarely as elegant as a great Puligny, is by contrast a “friendly” wine of great character, combining a generous character with a wonderful butter and nut quality and the flavors coat and stain the palate.”
Allen Meadows

On Chablis specifically:

”I love all the White Burgundy regions, but Chablis is unique and still more reasonably priced than the whites from the Côte de Beaune. These cool weather wines have a steely purity and a limestony mineral quality that makes them unique and food friendly.”
Jay McInerney, novelist and wine writer

“Perfect with mushrooms and shellfish, I love the flinty sensibility of this take on Chardonnay and prefer it to anything grown in California.”
Mario Batali, celebrity chef

“After few years in bottle, Chablis will give you back the taste of honey and nuts – and the wine will be [more] buttery…try them 4 to 6 years old.”
Christian Moreau, owner/winemaker, Christian Moreau Père & Fils

”With a fancy fish preparation only a great white Burgundy will do. I love Chablis and oysters.”
Mireille Guiliano, President of Clicquot Inc.

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