Survey Respondents on Southern Rhone

“Southern Rhone offers spicy wines are great with pizza, pastas, game, burgers – and range from $10-15 to $100. They’re complex and wonderful.”
Don Quattlebaum, importer

“I am a sucker for these earthy wines; the more funky-barnyard the better! I love the peppery spice, the dark berry fruits and supple tannins.”

Karen King, wine director, Gramercy Tavern

”Châteauneuf-du-Pape is one of the easiest red wines to love and one of the few French reds that immediately appeal to New World wine lovers. It’s almost always warm in the Southern Rhone, which gives these wines a full bodied, ripe and buxon personality–this is old world wine with California cleavage. But Châteauneuf also has a spicy, herbal quality which is seldom found in New World wines as well as highlights of leather and tobacco and the kind of gamy stuff found in the best Burgundy.”

Jay McInerney, novelist and wine writer

“I like the spicy, complex and warm character of these wines, especially for drinking in Fall and Winter. Very comforting, appetizing and flavorful wines, full of distinct, individual character.”
Michael Bonaccorsi, the late vintner and Master Sommelier

“These wines are rich but still refreshing, and the best are exotic. They go with the same foods as the Northern Rhone Syrah, but are usually simpler, so are fine with simple pastas, burgers, pizza, as well as the richer fare listed above.”
Mike Havens, owner/winemaker, Havens Wine Cellars

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