1 of the World's Largest Truffles Sells for $125,000 - World Truffle Auction - Alba Truffle Fair - Piedmont, Italy

At the World White Truffle Auction today in Alba, Italy, Mark witnesses a massive, "twin truffle" auctioned off for 100,000 euro, which is …

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Interview with NBC's Chuck Scarborough (watch video)

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The $125,000 ‘Shroom, 52 Key Wines, Drink like Millionaire, Sauced in City, More!

The $125,000 Mushroom At the recent World White Truffle Auction in Alba, Italy, I witnessed a massive, “twin truffle” auctioned off for 100,000 euro, then about $125,000 in US dollars, for what is essentially a big, divinely-scented mushroom. The tartufo bianco …


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Vina Palo Alto Reserva II Valle de Maule 2012 (Chile, $10)
Arianna Occhipinti Nero d'Avola-Frappato SP68 2012 (Sicily, $26)
Luminary American Red Blend 2012 (Cal & Wash St, $40)
Qupe Syrah Central Coast 2011 (California, $18)

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