Subscribers gain access to Burgundy expert Allen Meadow's masterful tasting notes and insights.

Robert Parker
For a fee, search Parker's detailed wine reviews and articles; the vintage chart is accessible with no charge.

Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page
A king's ransom of articles, glossaries, and discussion groups.

Wine Searcher
My secret weapon for tracking down specific bottles

Wine Spectator


Boomerang corkscrew
The world's best opener - cheap, portable, with a built-in foil cutter

Crate & Barrel "Elite" Chardonnay Glass
All you need for everyday wine enjoyment.

Laguiole corkscrews
The Ferrari of portable corkscrews

Ravenscroft Excalibur Decanter
One of the best deals in decanters - stunning appearance, moderately priced

Riedel Vinum Bordeaux Glass
Ideal for special-occasions: big, thin, high-quality

Compelling Wine Lists

21 Club
See what Gordon Gekko drinks

Stunning selection of Italian wines

Charlie Trotter's
Chicago's best

Gary Danko
Over 1600 treats here, spanning three centuries!

Mondays are BYOB (no corkage) , 1 bottle per person

Over 1600 treats here, spanning three centuries!

Master sommelier Larry Stone has designed one of the world's most interesting lists

Could be New York's best wine list

Misc. Wine Resources

Absinthe FAQ
Learn about this mysterious, illegal liqueur.

Ingenious "clink-proof" way to tote your wine.

Wine Away
This little bottle has rescued innumerable shirts (and my couch) from red wine stains

BYOB Discussion on Mark Squires Board
Ongoing, revealing discussion about the latest BYOB-friendly restaurants

A helpful of BYOB-friendly eateries in NYC. Five Points and Mooncake Foods also offer reasonable corkage fees.

Leland Stanford, Vintner
The railroad baron's foray into the vintner's art.

Quick Access Napa-Sonoma Map
Laminated, highly detailed map - best of its kind

Non-Wine Related

A Word a Day
Bolster your vocab with this quality newsletter

Boiled Peanuts
Hankering for Hot Pepper Jelly? This is the place for toothsome and rare Southern comestibles

Active, engaging community of food obssessives who trade info on restaurants and more

Dan Holdsworth photography
Behold Holdworth's haunting, hallucinatory photography

A leading destination for discussion about all aspects of gastronomy

Menu Pages
Searchable database of 4000+ Manhattan menus - tremendous.

Olio del Le Colline di Santa Cruz
Deeply flavorful, small-production, extra virgin olive oil, from the unique soil and climate of Santa Cruz, California

Outlaw Cook
One of the world's of the most incisive and literate food writers

Rotten Tomatoes
Cleverly compiles movie reviews - indispensible

The Onion
Devastatingly funny

Trip Advisor
Handy way of scoping out cities and hotels before a trip

Unparalleled for career information (if I may say so!)